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Revolutionary Eye Exams and Lenses in Sacramento

At Arena Eye Care our team is dedicated to providing patients with the very best vision care possible. We aim to ensure you have access to the latest technology including innovative eye exams and eyeglass lenses with ZEISS technology.

Innovative Eye Exams in Sacramento

ZEISS technology is one of latest advances in eye care available today. When you come in for an eye exam in Sacramento, we will use this revolutionary technology to determine the quality of your vision and provide a better, more precise prescription. The eyeglass prescriptions made available by using this technology is 25 times more precise than a traditional prescription.

The ZEISS technology we use during the eye exam allows for a dialed in customize prescription available nowhere else. Typical exams allow for a pair of glasses with one simple prescription in each lens. When iScription prescriptions are used in Individual lenses by ZEISS, you get unique prescriptions at each of approximately 1,400 locations in each lens that account for the way the frame you pick rests on your face. That is, it offers incredible visual clarity no matter where you are looking through your new glasses.

Right away, you will see the difference. The ZEISS equipment we use throughout the eye exam syncs together to create a fingerprint of your visual needs and results in incredibly precise vision.

Creating the Best Eyeglass Lenses

This unique set of tools is one of the most innovative products you'll have access to. It is a fully digitized system. It is all integrated into itself and throughout our clinic. This ensures we can better understand your prescription needs and produce lenses exactly the way your eye needs them to gain the best level of vision possible. You get fully customized lenses like never before.

Eyeglass Fitting with Precision

Once the iScription prescription is established, the next step is to adapt the prescription to your frames. The ZEISS iTerminal is a device that measures exactly how the frames you pick fit on your face. It takes incredibly detailed measurements that allow for the optics in your lenses to match the frame size and shape that is most comfortable for you to wear. This information also syncs with iScription. The result is incredible clarity of vision throughout your entire field of view.

When we combine each of these features, you end up with a very impressive final result. The eye glasses you obtain from us will fit you precisely and comfortably. You will experience incredible visual quality no matter how you turn your head or eyes. You will notice there's no strain or distortion in your vision while moving.

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Contact our Arena Eye Care at 916-419-8167 to schedule your eye exam in Sacramento. Our team is ready to help you get the best vision possible.

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