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Children’s Eye Care In Sacramento, CAchildren eyecaresacramento

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Children’s eye care is very important! At Arena Eye Care in Sacramento, CA, we help our young patients maintain good vision and good eye health from birth and on. Getting your child regular eye exams will help ensure that your child has healthy eyes, clear vision and full eye functionality.

Babies and Toddler Eye Care From Our Sacramento Optometrist

When babies are first born, the muscles that control their eyes are not yet fully developed. Until a baby is a couple months old, he or she will not be able to see distances more than a foot away. Newborns cannot track objects in movement, and their eyes may cross frequently while their eye muscles are still developing.

By the time a baby is a few months old, normal vision will begin to develop. When your baby is a toddler, he or she should be able to track objects in movement, see distances farther than a foot, and distinguish colors.

Benefits of Baby Eye Exams

Your child's first eye exam should take place no later than between the ages of 3 and 5 years. If you notice your child squinting, if your child has asymmetric "red eyes" (for example one pupil is white and the other is red) when a photo with a flash is taken, if you notice a wandering eye (one or both are not straight) or there is a family history of eye problems, then schedule your child for a detailed evalution with Dr. Krister Holmberg or Dr. Shephali Patel regardless of how old he or she is. This will help ensure that your baby's vision is developing normally and that your child has healthy eyes. There are many reasons that your baby should see an eye doctor, even if you don't have reason to believe that your baby has poor vision. Some of the benefits of baby eye exams include:

Ensure your baby has healthy eyes

Babies can't tell their parents when their eyes are unhealthy and even when they speak they oftentimes don't understand what's going on or are unable to communicate that in a way you understand what they are trying to say. The only way to know for sure that your child's eyes are functioning properly and that your baby is healthy is by taking your baby to the eye doctor.

Catch serious eye diseases early

Taking your baby to the eye doctor when he or she is very young may help the eye doctor catch any serious eye diseases early. Babies are known for being good at healing, which means that some eye conditions and very serious eye diseases babies develop are reversible. Waiting until your child is older to visit the eye doctor for the first time may mean that your child's eye condition will be permanent.

School Aged Children Eye Care

By the time your child is going to school, he or she should be getting annual eye exams. During school-aged children's eye exams, the optometrist checks for visual acuity, eye function and eye health.

Benefits of School Aged Children Eye Exams

There are many benefits of children’s eye exams in school aged children.

Clear vision helps children succeed in school

Taking your child to the eye doctor before the start of each new school year will help ensure that your child has clear vision in the classroom.

Regular eye exams help keep your child's prescription up to date

Your child's eyes will change a lot as your child grows. Many children who have corrective lenses need new glasses as their eyes change. Taking your child to the eye doctor will ensure that his or her prescription matches his or her needs.

Contact Arena Eye Care In Sacramento

For quality eye care for children, contact Arena Eye Care in Sacramento.  We serve Sacramento, Natomas, Woodland, Davis, Elk Grove, Roseville, Ranch Cordova, Citrus Heights, Carmichael and surrounding towns and cities. We take children's eye health very seriously. Our optometrist is ready to keep your child's eyes healthy and your child's vision clear. To make an appointment, contact us at (916) 419-8167.

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