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Arena Eye Care Answers Your Cataracts FAQ

Cataracts occur when the lens of the eyes becomes clouded, obscuring normal vision. This condition develops slowly, over time, until doing normal activities becomes more difficult because of worsening vision. At Arena Eye Care in Sacramento, CA, we offer comprehensive eye care to monitor our patients for vision problems caused by cataracts. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we receive about cataracts.


What Are Cataracts?

The lens of the eye is a structure that helps to focus light for clear views of images. This lens can become clouded, often because of aging, but also due to other factors. The clouding is a gradual process that may or may not reach a point of affecting normal vision.

What Symptoms Are Associated With Cataracts?

You may not notice any symptoms in the early stages. However, cataracts can become progressively worse, causing blurry vision, sensitivity to light, double vision and difficulty driving at night. You may notice colors are dulled or yellowed.

What Causes Cataracts?

Aging is one of the chief factors in the development of cataracts, but sometimes, younger people may also have them. Factors such as heredity, eye injury, medical issues such as diabetes, and use of corticosteroid medications or exposure to ultraviolet rays can contribute to cataract development.

What Treatment Is Available For Cataracts?

Your optometrist can detect the presence of cataracts during eye exams. The eye doctor will carefully monitor their development over time. When the clouding begins to obscure your vision to the point where changes in prescription cannot help you see more clearly, you will be referred to an eye surgeon for removal of the cataracts. This is a surgical procedure that is done routinely, with good results for patients.

Can I Reduce the Risk for Developing Cataracts?

Although you can’t change heredity, you can take steps to reduce your risk for cataracts. Always wear sunglasses when you are outdoors on sunny days. Avoid smoking. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals that support eye health. See your eye doctor regularly. Limit your use of alcohol, and manage any medical conditions that may affect eye health.

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