Computer Vision FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Vision Syndrome Answered by Your Optometrist in Sacramento

If you spend a lot of time at the computer, you may have noticed that your eyes feel uncomfortable. Perhaps your vision has even suffered. As a result, you probably have a lot of questions about a phenomenon you've heard referred to as "computer vision syndrome." Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the subject at Arena Eye Care Optometry in Sacramento, CA.

Computer Vision Syndrome

What Does Computer Vision Syndrome Mean?

The term computer vision syndrome refers to a digital eye strain frequently associated with spending lots of time staring at computer monitors or other digital screens. It frequently occurs in office workers, but it can also afflict people who play video games, watch streaming media content at home or spend countless hours on their phone.

What Are the Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome typically causes symptoms such as dry eye, headaches, eye fatigue, and neck or shoulder discomfort. Your vision may also become blurry as the eyes' focusing muscles get tired.

How Do Screens and Monitors Contribute to Computer Vision?

The light emanated by digital LED screens plays an important role in computer vision syndrome. The light produced by these screens causes eye fatigue and exposes your eyes to excessive glare. Small fonts, poor overhead lighting, and lack of backlighting can also tire your eyes and affect your vision.

What Are Some Other Causes of Computer Vision?

If your monitor is positioned too low, too high, too close or too far away for comfort, you may be more vulnerable to both neck problems and eye strain. The type of display used can play a role. An out-of-date corrective vision prescription can make focusing even more of a chore, aggravating blurriness and fatigue. Long hours of computer use also discourages normal blinking, allowing your eyes to dry out.

How Does Your Sacramento Optometry Center Diagnose Computer Vision Syndrome?

Dr. Krister L. Holmberg and Dr. Shephali Patel offer comprehensive eye and vision exams to identify computer vision syndrome and eliminate other possible causes of your discomfort. Refractive error, the need for glasses or contact lenses, certainly may play a role. There is more to it than that. We will also ask you about your computer usage, physical health, and other potential factors.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Computer glasses with an up-to-date prescription and anti-glare coating can help you focus on text more easily and reduce glare exposure. So may tinting the lenses. We may also recommend changes to your office habits, ergonomics, or lighting.

Seeking Computer Vision Answers? Come to Our Sacramento Optometry Office

If you're seeking solutions for a possible case of computer vision, take a break from your work to call our Sacramento optometry office at (916) 419-8167 for an appointment. Arena Eye Care Optometry has the answers!


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