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Firework Safety & Cataract Awareness Month

Posted on 06-07-2017

For those of us who spend our lives committed to helping people make the most of their vision, June is a particularly important month. It is both Firework Safety and Cataract Awareness Month. As y...

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Low Vision Eye Care

Posted on 05-22-2017

Learn More: Low Vision Treatment The ability to see clearly is something many people take for granted, and when things start to get blurry, many head to their Sacramento optometrists to get to th...

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Safe Toys & Celebrations Month

Posted on 12-20-2016

While safety is at the top of every parent's mind throughout the year, eye safety, in particular, may not make one's top ten concerns during the holidays. However, with the activity and ch...

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Decorative Contact Lenses

Posted on 10-26-2016

At Arena Eye Care, we want to ensure that you have a safe and happy Halloween. To protect your health, we want to warn you about the dangers of an over-the-counter Halloween costume accessory - th...

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Eye Care for Kids

Posted on 08-19-2016

Caring for the needs of a child requires consideration for a child's eyes. Visual health plays a key role in the way a child sees and perceives the world. When he or she has a visual health co...

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